Raymond Deane



Hugh Tinney recital, Madrid, 9th Nov 2019

This is the programme of the recital Hugh Tinney will be giving in the Marquis of Salamanca Palace, Madrid, on 9th November 2019:


Nocturne in D flat, op 27 no 2

Nocturne in F sharp, op 15 no 2


Raymond Deane:

Six pieces from Noctuary (2010-11) :

1. Minerva’s Owl...

3. Duskiss

5. Mezzotint

9. Night-watches

10. Cereus

12. Couchant



Sonata in C sharp minor, op 27 no 2 “Moonlight”

Adagio sostenuto

Allegretto - Trio

Presto agitato


Raymond Deane